Auror Trust Centre

Choose a crimefighting partner with principles.

We’re a straight-up company that believes in the same things you do: privacy, integrity, and trust. Our team has a passion for building a world-class crime prevention platform that people love to use.

Every day, Auror works with some of the largest police agencies and name-brand retailers in the world to help prevent and solve crime in our communities. We’re able to do that because of the strength of the trust we’ve built and fostered over the years.

Find out more below about our core principles and approach to Data Integrity, Security, and Trust.

Data Integrity

Information you can depend on to protect your business.

Our intelligent software enables customers to manage sensitive data in a secure and reliable way. That’s because the data and evidence provided by our community is reliable, protected, and guarded by strict access controls.

Data and evidence you can rely on.

All data in Auror can be traced to a specific user and session. This accountability means that data entered into the Auror platform cannot be manipulated or tampered with in any way without our knowledge.

We keep access on lockdown.

All user accounts are created by the team at Auror HQ. That means we have total control over who is given access to our platform, and can verify that all login details are sent to the correct user and email address. We also carefully monitor for unusual usage and lock inactive user accounts.

Complete control.

If any data tampering or misuse were to be discovered, Auror has the ability to modify, edit, delete or roll back any changes made to the data on our platform. Users have complete confidence in transparent interactions with other users in our crimefighting community.

Data Security

Not even Hulk could smash through our access controls.

Auror takes information security seriously. We work continuously to ensure that our software code is built in a safe and secure manner, that our platform itself is operated from secure data centers in accordance with SLAs, and regularly audit our software through penetration testing to ensure ongoing security.

We treat sensitive data on Auror with the discretion it deserves.

Details from crime incidents can contain sensitive evidence and information. Not only is our team familiar with the issues and sensitivities around crime evidence and data, but we limit access to live user data by role to ensure only those that need access, have access.


With great power comes great responsibility.

Trust is always earned and never given. We’ve been fortunate to earn the trust of retailers and police around the world due to our steadfast adherence to our principles of innovation, forthrightness, courage, and being relentless about improvement.

Equally, we need to be able to trust our users and partners. That’s why the Auror team vets each new business that joins our community of crimefighters to ensure they’re contributing members to our platform.