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crime, quickly

12:00 pm

First offence

JOHN DOE and accomplice shoplift at Superstore Bigville

Quickly report incidents from any device via an intuitive, click & tap based form.

“It’s an absolute time-saver, and an efficient way to record and recover information”

Store Manager, Nationwide Grocery Retailer  

Accomplice JANE DOE added to the same event at Superstore Bigville

Search and add known offenders to any event.

“Previously we had unstructured and varied data from stores. Now the process is simple, quick and structured. It’s significantly improved our intelligence gathering!”

Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Nationwide Grocery Retailer

12:05 pm

5min from first offence

Investigator requests more information regarding the event involving JOHN and JANE DOE

Investigator April 3, 12:05pm

@Store Manager can you upload CCTV footage to this event please?

Communicate and collaborate with other users easily.

Store Manager - SuperstoreApril 3, 12:06pm

@Investigator sure thing. I've just added it to the Evidence Locker now.

Upload CCTV footage to an event quickly

Store Manager - Superstore April 3, 12:07pm

@Investigator thank you for uploading the footage so quickly! Keep up the great work.

1:33 pm

1h 33min from first offence

JOHN DOE and associates hit 6 more stores targeting Baby Formula

“Awesome system. We love it in store!”

Store Manager, Nationwide Grocery Retailer

Store teams report events

One system for all store and loss teams to report, solve and prevent crime.


more crime,

1:40 pm

1h 40min from first offence

Automatically connect the dots on events to build one complete person profile.

“Prolific shoplifters aren’t coming to my store anymore, as they know we know everything about them”

Loss prevention Manager, Department Store

Investigator begins looking into JOHN DOE'S case.

Search based on any descriptor to find a full profile on a matching person, and review
all critical intel in a single view.

Investigator follows JOHN DOE

1:41 pm

1h 41min from first offence

JOHN DOE last active at Superstore Bigville South
1 min ago. Investigator receives instant email regarding the event.

Follow events, people or stores and get instantly notified of any updates or changes.

1:43 pm

1h 43min from first offence

Investigator - SuperstoreApril 4, 1:43pm

@lossprevention we’ve put surveillance on JOHN DOE and have identified an active receiver network. We are working with @police now to get a search warrant.

Police - Bigville Central Police HQApril 4, 1:44pm

@lossprevention @investigator thank you for the detailed information and supporting evidence. We’re working on executing the search warrant now…

“I’m blown away by the content of the report, especially the detailed statement signed by the witness”

Police Investigator


crime, before

it happens

1:45 pm

1h 45min from first offence

Store and Loss teams review latest incidents across their stores, including those of JOHN DOE and accomplices.

Gain visibility of incidents happening across your organisation in real time
via a centralized feed.

“We can now share information within our store network which is resulting in more loss being prevented than ever before”

Group Loss Prevention manager, Homewares Chain

2:45 pm

2h 45min from first offence

“I know who the offender is even before they enter the store. That’s prevention.”

Store LP manager, Nationwide Sporting Goods Retailer

John Doe

Person of interested detected

Last seen at 2.45pm at Superstore Littleville, please be vigilant.

Superstore Littleville

Automatically alert stores to active offenders operating in their area in real time.

“Timely updates on incidents that happen close to my area allows us to prevent more crime in our store”

Loss prevention manager, Supermarket

3:30 pm

3h 30min from first offence

Police - Bigville Central Police HQApril 3, 3:30pm

@lossprevention @investigator we’ve just executed the search warrant today. 3 arrested and charged including the main perpetrator JOHN DOE. $250K in product recovered, $400K in cash. Thank you, without the detailed evidence we would not be able to move so quickly.

“Auror provides all the necessary information to investigate and reduce retail crime. It makes my working day so much easier!”

Police Investigator

Update and track the status of each and every event.

Investigator - SuperstoreApril 3, 3:33pm

@lossprevention @police thank you. Great to have JOHN DOE and his ORC gang kept away from our stores, shoppers and communities. Look forward to resolving more cases soon.

“We now have an efficient, repeatable, and scalable means of tackling ORC and prolific offenders”

ORC Investigator, Nationwide Supermarket chain

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