Stop crime in your stores

Report, solve and prevent crime across your store network.

"It shows that this stuff works. There is something that we can do about crime and help keep our store teams safe."

Profit Protection Specialist, Nationwide Grocery Retailer

Time Savings

Significantly reduce the time required for staff to report, solve, and prevent crime. Allocate newly found time savings to
value-adding activities.

Keep Staff & Customers Safe

Empower store teams with real-time intel to prevent offenders before they offend.

Improve your Profitability

Leverage crime intelligence through better allocation of security resources and increased preventions to reduce loss and improve your bottom line.

See how these retail heroes are reducing theft

Together, we're winning the fight!

“We weren’t equipping our stores with the ability to easily report and use actionable intel to prevent repeat subjects and ORC groups from impacting their stores. We needed to address it, and did so with Auror.”

Daryl Blackmore
Director of Loss Prevention | Rexall

Reduced losses by 50% (in percentage terms)

200% increase in reported crimes