Saying Kia Ora to Denver, our new US home.

Kia Ora Denver! 

We’ve been looking long and hard for a city like you to create our new home in the US. We had a bit of a checklist:

- a place where our people can live their best lives,
- do work they love and have opportunities to learn from a talented tech community,
- be in an environment that’s family-friendly,
- a place that supports individual health and wellbeing, and;
- somewhere that our dogs have plenty of space to run around in the wide open

To be honest, we wanted a place a bit like home (New Zealand).

As a city you’re perfectly located in the US for Auror. The timezone allows us to better support our North American customers. It’s easy to travel to every city in the US and Canada that serves as HQ to the world’s largest retailers. 

You’re so cool, that our current US based team of remote workers jumped at the chance to relocate to you. And from New Zealand, Tom, our Co-CEO and co-founder and his family jumped at the opportunity to move their lives, including their 4 month old daughter, and their dog Molly who will just love the fresh mountain air.

Our team will be working from a great space in The Hub // WeWork - a brand new building in an up and coming area. Super accessible = check, an inspiring space to work = check, family-friendly = check, great food and coffee nearby = check, dog-friendly = check. 

Your local government has been hugely supportive of us choosing Denver too. We’ve been so impressed with the variety of support we’ve been offered and are excited to be hosting an event with Michael Hancock, the Mayor of Denver, back at our HQ in Auckland, New Zealand in October. If you’re at a Kiwi company looking to set up in the US get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you get an invite. 

As we launch in North America we’re proud to call Denver our new home. We can’t wait to meet more of the tech community, contribute to creating quality new tech jobs to the area and further invest in the region.

Until next time

Team Auror