Podcast: Partners in Crime (Prevention)

In this episode I’m joined by two of Auror’s founders, Phil Thomson and Tom Batterbury, to reflect on our experiences building partnerships with police.

Whether you’re listening on your commute or in your patrol car, here’s some key takeaways from our discussion:

  1. Retailers are pragmatic. They realise the Police can’t respond to everything. They want to support the Police in getting good outcomes by focusing on prolific offenders doing the most damage, and securing charges based on the totality of offending.
  2. It wasn’t always easy. Getting police buy-in wasn’t instant, but rather the result of demonstrating value over time.
  3. Results are led by retailers. Police can deliver incredibly powerful results and enforcement outcomes, but it requires retailers to input a sufficient base of intel first.
  4. When the police embrace it, amazing things can happen. The intel on Auror is derived from retail incidents, but the flow-on effects can help solve serious crimes and make a huge difference in reducing community harm.

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