New Civil Recovery Service with InDebted

Auror has partnered with InDebted, an Australian startup disrupting debt recovery, to offer automated civil recovery for retailers affected by theft.

Civil recovery offers retailers a chance to recoup the cost of lost goods from shoplifters, helping prevent unnecessary strain on the court system, and offers another means for businesses to dissuade would-be offenders from stealing.

Around the world civil recovery is a popular tool that has proven to be a useful tactic in the fight against crime.

“We want offenders to take pause in considering the potential consequences of theft and shoplifting,” says Tom Batterbury, Co-Founder at Auror. “Civil recovery is one more tool retailers can use to demonstrate to potential criminals that there will be a variety of repercussions and penalties for their acts – including financial ones. We believe increasing the perceived risk versus the perceived reward is another strategy to reduce financially motivated crime.”

Retailers will have the option to issue civil recovery notices automatically through the Auror platform using a simple checkbox procedure for InDebted to follow-up using its technology platform. This simplifies the recovery process and allows enterprise customers to centralise how civil recoveries are managed and return their focus to the business. A fee is only collected on successful recoveries. Incidents reported through Auror that receive debt recovery action will still be available to Police, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Josh Foreman, InDebted

“Our platform can help retailers recover costs that are traditionally allocated as ‘shrinkage’ and written off. The automation and technology offered by the InDebted platform allows us to perform large-scale collection efforts on small balances, providing a solution to a problem faced by retailers globally,” says Josh Foreman, Founder of InDebted.

“This is a really exciting expansion of our platform’s capabilities for retailers to help fight crime,” says Tom. “The opportunity to partner with another emerging startup company is a great chance to work together to make our communities safer.”

The new civil recovery service is currently being piloted with a national retail brand in New Zealand, with availability to other Auror customers expected to follow.

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