Mitre10 Clamps Down on Crime with Auror

We’re thrilled to showcase how Mitre10 MEGA Westgate has been using Auror for the last two years to create a safer store for customers and staff by reducing crime—with pretty dramatic results.

Mitre10 MEGA Westgate is a full-service hardware store—from the foundation to fence line, you can build a house with the equipment and supplies it stocks. It’s a 5,000 square-meter retail operation, plus a trade yard and garden centre, serving tens of thousands of customers each week (and growing).

With a store of that scale and size, it’s important to Owner Operator Dave Hargreaves and his team that they create a safe and comfortable shopping experience for customers, while also keeping track of potential shoplifters and preventing crime in store.

His Loss Prevention team, led by Security Manager Gillian Harrop, discovered Auror and quickly grasped the potential of using the intelligence it provides to help drive down theft rates and prevent more crime.

“We got Auror about 2 years ago, and since then our statistics have gone down quite a bit for shoptheft and unknown shrink,” says Gillian Harrop, Security Manager for Mitre10 Westgate. “We have in the last 44 weeks we’ve lost one powertool, roughly $125 worth. If we can get to the end of the year 52 weeks having only lost one power tool. I’ll be a very very happy person.”

So why does Gillian think Auror’s “the best tool we’ve got”?

Check out the full video below, or download a PDF copy of the written case study here.