Crimefighters of the Month: September 2017

This month we’re really excited to recognise a group of Crimefighters passionate about taking small steps to make big gains in keeping their communities safe. Join us in congratulating this month’s winners of the prestigious Crimefighter title!

Do you know someone else that deserves recognition? Let us know.

Chrissi Johnson and Rebecca Ellen-Johnson, Farmers Paraparaumu

‍Rebecca Ellen-Johnson and Chrissi Johnson from Farmers

Our nomination for Chrissi this month cited her excellence in detailed incident reporting, but the contributions she’s making go well beyond that. Working with her loss prevention teammate Rebecca Ellen-Johnson, she’s on a mission to recruit all her co-workers into fighting crime and making her community a better place.

“What we want to do is to make a difference not only for the store but for the community as well,” Chrissi explains. Working with her Loss Prevention Associate Rebecca, they’re creating a team environment at Farmers Paraparaumu that includes everyone in their effort to stop crime. [Note: be sure to check out our case study with Farmers here.]

“We want to create a positive culture, where customer service is better and that lowers the theft risk,” she says.”We’re always talking to staff about crime patterns and offenders so that they’re aware and everybody helps. No call is too little, so if something doesn’t seem right, it probably is, and we want staff to offer better customer service or tell us so we can act on it.”

As for how they’re using Auror, Chrissi says it’s a huge help with the intelligence she needs to ID offenders and prevent crimes before they happen.

“I just love Auror—it’s so helpful to see the offenders and putting the profiles together with known offenders makes our job much easier. We get a better picture of who the ‘pros’ are and can watch out for them better.”

Tamara Owen, Vicinity Centres

Our nomination for Tamara this month cites her extraordinary efforts to bring new Police users from Western Australia into the Auror community. On her own, she’s managed to recruit nearly a dozen police officers from Western Australia to make Auror a part of their daily work routine, and she’s not stopping there.

“I had a good relationship with the local police even before we stared using Auror, but it’s helped make it that much better,” she says.

Tamara has even become an in-house expert on Auror for the rest of the Vicinity team, holding informal training sessions with her co-workers on best practices to fight crime in their shopping centres.

As for her secret: “The key is to upload everything to Auror. Every incident is useful or has intel. That way others can find out, and it’s all about the community.”

We agree! Congrats Tamara!

Michael Black, New Zealand Police

Michael Black is a machine. If you’ve ever seen a drive-off incident on the Auror Feed from the Wellington area, it’s probably accompanied by a comment from Michael with the outcome of his diligent follow-up.

“I like going after petrol thefts because they’re so simple: you have the theft and footage all right there,” he says. “Even though it’s simple, it’s still people taking stuff for free that’s not theirs, and that shouldn’t happen.”

As a road policing officer, most of Michael’s time is spent behind the wheel. While he’s parked up, he uses his mobile to scan the Auror Feed or look up vehicle details and spot offenders on the go. Often he finds that offenders that have done drive-offs are also disqualified or forbidden from driving by the courts anyway, making it all the more important to get them off the roads.

He’s even started memorizing plates that he’s seen on Auror and likely areas to find them. Now that’s the sort of commitment we can all admire. Well done Michael!