Crimefighters of the Month: October 2018

Our Crimefighter community empowers people to proactively prevent and resolve crime in their area, without putting themselves or their teams in harms way. The two Crimefighters we're recognising this month have done just that - put your hands together for Geoff and David.

Geoff Callaghan, Victoria Park Shopping Centre

Geoff Callaghan - Victoria Park Shopping Centre

Well done Geoff and the team at Victoria Park Shopping centre. He’s wowed us with his industry knowledge and his pragmatic ability to use Auror on the go! Keep up the detailed reports and keep sharing those wins!

Geoff, congratulations on your Crimefighter of the Month Award! Tell us a little about how you’ve used Auror to improve how you’re tackling crime in your centre?

We use Auror across the board, it’s so simple and easy. It allows us to get a feel for what’s going on in the area, how many incidents there are per day, and helps us to understand which are our busier days for trespassing and theft. It also helps us better manage repeat offenders because we’ve got the heads up from Auror.

The information uploaded is good enough to use standalone, it’s great for intel and evidence but it also helps ensure State Police are aware of our regular offenders.

What are your best prevention tips for the Crimefighter community?

I have been in the industry for 24 years and I have learnt it’s all about trusting your gut. You need to be learning everyday, and learning from mistakes made, staying up to date with new technology. The smarter the offenders get, the smarter we need to get - it’s about researching, paying attention, seeing patterns, then being on the floor to do something about it.

Best outcome from using Auror?

By using Auror to collate information and build cases, we’ve been able to support local Police in their efforts in investigating four repeat offenders in our area. They have since been trespassed and charged which is great for our centre and our local retailers!

David Cartledge, Farmers Whangarei

Jake and David from Farmers Whangarei

We’re excited to celebrate David and his team this month, who are helping their community up their prevention game and are working successfully with local Police to keep their community safe.

Kia Ora, David! Congratulations on the Crimefighter of the Month award. Tell us a little about how you and the team work to ongoing prevent crime in your community?

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining relationships with other retailers in our area who are often impacted by crime. We often work together, sharing tips and prevention ideas.

We also work with other local stores to ensure we are aware of all the repeat people in our area. On multiple occasions, we have matched up offenders from our store who have stolen from other local stores. We’ll be sure to share intel quickly with our neighbours about incidents so they can prevent any further offending!

Auror has helped us out with this, countless times. In particular, Auror has helped us link several of our repeat shoplifters, which then allowed the Whangarei Police to obtain video evidence and prosecute. Without Auror, we would not be able to share these incidents with Police and CitySafe Officers.

Awesome! Tell us more about how you and the team collaborate with local Police?

Well, this is an easy one to answer as Whangarei Police have assisted us with multiple incidents! Some of our repeat offenders have been charged, arrested and trespassed all in one day. Police recently carried out a CBD focused campaign, which resulted in trespass notices for three females who are known for stealing large amounts of stock, across nine stores.

Big shout out to Rochelle, John, Caleb from the Whangarei police! They are always super pro-active.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

It makes me proud when the team tell me about preventions they’ve made on my day off! I share intel from Auror to help the whole team make preventions, so it’s awesome to see when that pays off! I couldn’t do my role without my team (Brendon, Jake) or without the local Police and CitySafe.

What advice do you have for others crimefighters to keep their community safe?

Don’t be afraid to upload incidents to Auror, even the ones that are prevented. Also, upload videos, as they hold up better in Court and help prove what you saw. Share your success stories too, we love to hear them!