Crimefighter of the Month: November 2017

‍Caleb Kahotea, Whangarei Police

We’re pleased to recognise someone this month that goes the extra mile to make his Northland community a better place using intelligence in the fight against crime. Please join us in congratulating this month’s winner!

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Caleb Kahotea, Whangarei Police

The nomination for Caleb this month cited his excellent engagement with retailers in his local area, going above and beyond to reduce community harm.

We caught up with Caleb to get his responses to a few quick questions:

Hey Caleb! How is Auror helping you be more effective in your role?

I’ve found that Auror fills a gap in our current capability which allows Police access to photos of offenders, associates and the vehicles they use. This is gold on the roadside when we stop suspected shoplifters and known offenders. Before, they could easily deny any alleged offending and be on their way due to lack of sufficient evidence to arrest. Now we have the intel we need to make an arrest on the spot.

How does real-time information from retailers in the community help?

I and other members of my work group regularly check and view the updates on the Auror Feed which give us a real-time snapshot of what crime trends are occurring in our area. The ability to see photos is great.

Recently, an alert came through from a sporting goods store about a shoplifting incident, and 20 minutes later the shoplifter returned. As a result of the alert that I viewed on my phone, I was able to identify the shoplifter from the photo and arrest him immediately. I have used this example in encouraging other businesses to get onboard.

‍Caleb with a group of aspiring young crimefighters.

What advice do you have for others to help them use Auror better?

My advice is just to USE IT. Tap through the app and the different pages/links. Encourage others to use it too, because the more links to offenders we have from businesses, the better our overall intel picture is. Most of the shoplifting offenders are wanted for other criminal matters of varying degrees of seriousness.

Overall I believe it’s early days for the app in Whangarei, and more success stories need to be shared to encourage businesses and their people to help us, help them better.

Congratulations Caleb!