Crimefighter of the Month: May 2018

There was one particular crimefighter that really stood out this month for his outstanding police work in collaborating with the retail community to create an outcome that’s made his local community safer. Please join us in congratulating this month’s winner!

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Detective Sergeant Mark Anderson, Victoria Police

We’re recognising Mark this month for his outstanding commitment and police work in the recent Chiller Bag Operation, working with a local retailer to take down a multimillion dollar international fencing operation. Be sure to check out the details of that case here.

Mark spent some time with us to answer a couple questions:

G’day Mark! Why is it important to try and reduce retail crime in the community?

Ultimately we all end up paying for retail crime incidents in one way or another. Retailers have to charge more to cover their losses and turn a profit, and ultimately the consumer ends up paying as a result of large losses of products from retail stores. Given the low margins some retailers work on, the theft of thousands of dollars of product can result in considerable price rises on everyday products.

How have you used Auror in your work?

It’s helped us to identify offenders, which in turn have allowed us to identify the receivers. My view is that if you take away the receivers and the disposal point, it impacts the ability of these offenders to get rid of their products. Offenders are generally stealing to fund an addiction and not for personal consumption, so if they can’t sell it they won’t steal it. Auror’s helped us to identify the prolific offenders, and we can in turn use that intelligence and investigative techniques to identify and turn our focus on receivers to break the cycle.

How can retailers in the community work best with you?

For us, understanding the frequency of offending is very important. It not only helps demonstrate a pattern of behaviour, it helps us tackle the recidivist offenders head on. Run of the mill shoplifters that steal once aren’t a big issue for us. My big thing is recidivism. What I want out of retailers is to show me how many times an offender has done it, when they've done it and the evidence that they committed the crime.  Auror makes that easy to do, by showing that they’ve been caught on multiple dates, and the evidence is easily obtained to show the pattern of offending. 

What advice do you have for others?

The best advice is to not get pigeonholed into thinking that it can only assist you with retail crime. Most offenders are also committing other types of criminal activity and it can be a big assistance in solving those cases too. We’ve been able to use Auror to ID offenders for criminal activity outside of the retail crime demographic. Even though it’s specifically designed for retail crime, the intelligence that you can obtain from Auror can certainly assist you in other crime themes and investigations, particularly with identification.

Congratulations, and well done Mark!