Crimefighter of the Month: June 2018

Building a sense of community is central to what we want to accomplish here at Auror. That’s why this month we’re thrilled to recognise someone that’s gone above and beyond to create a strong community in Palmerston North dedicated to fighting retail crime.

Gene Lewis-Clarke receiving his Crimefighter certificate

Gene Lewis-Clarke, Farmers Palmerston North

Last month Gene took it upon himself to organise a meetup with local retailers and Police to discuss current retail crime issues and explore ways that they could all work together better to reduce retail crime in the community.

“Our goal was to create a network and share information — who are the big hitters, who are the repeat offenders, trends of concern that we’re seeing, and collectively raise them with police,” Gene says.

It’s hoped that these will become regular meetups and affect further outcomes to make the community safer.

We managed to grab a few minutes with Gene to get the answers to a few questions:

Hi Gene! Why do you think it's important to reduce crime?

Gene: Catching someone, particularly youth, can give them the opportunity to reassess their life choices and become productive members of society. We’re creating an environment that recidivist offenders want to avoid. To me that’s priceless.

How have you been successful in your role?

Gene: We have an awesome store team from top to bottom, with very definite stars in every corner of the store. I’m lucky to be surrounded with talented people that are always looking for ways to improve. And being consistent and professional is important, but slightly unpredictable in a consistent manner to keep would-be offenders guessing.

And of course having a sense of humour is important too. You must always find something to laugh about. Great store security systems and Auror haven't hurt either!

That’s great! How is Auror helping you be more effective in stopping crime?

Gene: It’s helpful for connecting the dots. As a tool to put two and two together, Auror is amazing. It’s helped the Police and my store to get faster incident resolution and resolve many retrospective incidents that would have stagnated before and simply filed as unresolved.

What advice do you have for others to help them use Auror better?

Gene: Use it, review it, and link it. Be sure to get on the platform, have a look at incidents, and link offenders together.

Use the chat feature and ask questions and then always send a GIF. I love that feature! [Editor’s Note: we do too!]

Do you know someone that deserves recognition? Send us your nominations!