Crimefighter of the Month: February 2018

Our Crimefighter of the Month is a special police officer working hand-in-hand with her local retail community to help curb retail offending before it develops into more organised and serious crime. And we’re especially stoked that the nomination came from another member of the Auror community! Please join us in congratulating Senior Constable June Tairua!

Do you know someone that deserves recognition? Let us know and they could be our Crimefighter next month!

June Tairua, Midland Police, Western Australia

The nomination this month for June came from a user at a local shopping centre (and previous Crimefighter of the Month winner herself) in recognition of June’s outstanding efforts and attentiveness in dealing with offending in her area.

We caught up with June to get her responses to a few quick questions:

Hi June! How is Auror helping you be more effective in your role?

Auror helps streamline my workload. I’m able to search incidents specific to my area and complete my part without spending time on the phone. I can come back into work after days off and within a short time, I can catch up on what has happened while I’ve been away. The information I capture from Auror has supported a number of charges due to all the information being able to be uploaded in one place.

How does information from retailers in the community help you?

We rely heavily on our retailers to provide information to “fill in the gaps”.  Without their help, we’d miss opportunities to deal with both the offenders and victims, and recover stolen property.

Why do you think it's important to help reduce retail crime?

Retail crime is a gateway towards other offences. Crimes such as theft are serious offences in the court system, however it’s known to be the building blocks for our offenders to continue onto more serious crimes.  Reducing these retail crimes are pivotal in reducing further serious offending.

What advice do you have for others to help them use Auror better?

Compared to most of our police systems, I find Auror very user friendly.  My advice in the event you need help, is to find a good friend to help guide you through it (like I have—thanks Tamara Owen!).