9 Tips for Crime Prevention this Christmas

We’re making a list and checking it twice of all the tips and tricks you and your team need, to maintain a safe store this holiday season - as well as a little advice from last month's Crimefighter of the Month, David from Farmers Whangarei.

1. Make sure your store has an Auror champion.

As a store manager, you’ll be busy throughout the holiday rush and you want to ensure your crime reports are still getting taken care of! The best way to do this is to select an Auror champion, who can take charge of Auror reporting in your store, allowing you to concentrate on serving customers and making sales.

2. Report incidents as they occur.

This can give other stores in your area a heads up if someone is active in their area and can stop them in their tracks, powering up your whole community for better prevention!

3. Keep your staff informed.

Use intel from the Feed and the People page during your daily team meetings or huddles to ensure your team is aware of active offenders in your area.

4. Be prepared.

Ensure your whole team understands what to do when a known shoplifter enters their store. A great way to do this is practicing amongst the team! For example, making eye contact, greeting them, offering them a basket and generally offering great customer service (it should be a win-win!). Also, remember the safety of your team and customers is of utmost importance. Make sure the team always know to prioritise safety in every situation!

“Talking to your customers, acknowledging them and just having a presence on the shop floor helps with prevention” - David from Farmers Whanagrei

5. Know your hot products. 

Ensure your team is aware of what products are likely to be targeted so they can keep a close eye out for any activity in this area.

6. Are your festive decorations blocking your cameras?

We love decorations too - but it’s important to make sure that these don’t impair your ability to review footage or prevent crime wherever you can!

7. Have an incident book. 

Over Christmas, you might have casual/temporary team members join you in store. If they aren’t using Auror, they’ll still need to record incident details for a team leader to report. Ensure they track the times (as accurate as possible for CCTV) and key details about the person. That way you can continue to report and maintain an accurate log of incidents in Auror.

8. Sharing is caring.

It’s a crazy time of year for everyone in the retail sector, so show some goodwill this holiday season and take the time to share intel with other Crimefighters around you. You can do that by sharing your incident reports or leaving comments on the Feed, incident profiles or person profiles also.

“Make sure you report ALL thefts and preventions to Auror, to the Police and Mall Security where you can so everyone is in the loop” - David from Farmers Whangarei

9. Have fun!

We want all our Crimefighters to have a safe and happy holiday season!