Solve complex cases without the complexity

“Genius! Good intel on the professional thieves. We always try to stay ahead of them and this platform is a great way to keep us there.”

Loss Prevention Officer, The Warehouse, Retail Group

Connect dots on crime in real time to uncover critical intel:

  • Automatically link known offenders and vehicles whenever they offend.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of each offender and their history to help build better cases.
  • Understand and eliminate repeat offenders targeting your stores with better intel.

A large Australian retailer linked a prolific offender to a fencing operation and worked with the Police to get the following results:

The operation was initiated and completed in only weeks, with the retailer also seeing a prolonged reduction in theft of hot products from stores in the proximity of the fencing operation.

Quality reporting makes solving complex cases easy, but learn how you can prevent crime too

Auror is an end-to-end solution that empowers retailers to stop crime