Mitre10 Hardware Puts the Clamps on Shoplifters

A Growing Store with Growing Needs

Mitre10 MEGA Westgate is one of the fastest growing hardware stores across the Mitre10 network, increasing its customer count by 20 percent year on year. With that rapid increase in numbers, it needed to ensure that shoplifting stats weren’t growing as well.

Finding the Right Tools

Mitre10 wanted to move beyond sharing intelligence through memos, phone calls and email - it needed a smarter way to do it in real-time to prevent offending immediately. The team knew they needed Auror as soon as they saw it.

Nailing Down Loss Prevention

Over the last two years Mitre10 Westgate has reduced its theft rate by more than 85 percent thanks to Auror intelligence. The team has made it known that shoplifters can’t get away with targeting their store.  The Mitre10 Loss Prevention team relies on Auror to keep them informed about local offenders, their methods, and help prevent them from stealing in the first place. It’s proven to be a winning combination for their team.

Cutting Down on Crime

Crime is under control, despite a growing customer count and large retail footprint, because Mitre10 MEGA Westgate: 

Gillian HarropSecurity ManagerMitre10 MEGA Westgate
“My favourite feature in Auror would be the newsfeed. It gives you all the information about the offenders and the various vehicles they use. It’s all there for you.  If you’re looking for the name of a person, you can put that in. If you’re looking for a particular vehicle, just put the registration in. If you’re looking for recent thefts, you can put those search criteria in and the information will just come up. I recommend Auror to any retailer that needs to get shoptheft under control. It’s the best tool we’ve got.”

Dave HargreavesOwner OperatorMitre10 MEGA Westgate

“The number one priority for our team is health and safety, and we see security as a key component of that. We wanted to create an environment where customers felt safe from day one, and in my experience security is an area where you can’t afford to get it wrong. What Auror’s given us is uniformity, so information sharing is better, it’s more timely, it’s more accurate, and if an incident happens, other Mitre10 stores know about it very quickly. Once we get an incident that happens within the Mitre10 network our fellow owners and operators and staff are all aware of the situation, whereas previously it was all done by phone or word of mouth and email. So by the time people got the message, the same offenders would be committing the crime three or four times again. We think it’s a fantastic system.”
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