Discover How Farmers Powers Up To Stop More Crime in Stores

A Retail Icon Protecting It’s Brand

At more than a century old, Farmers is one of New Zealand’s most treasured retail brands, making it all the more important to protect its reputation. Farmers Trading Company needed a new way to prevent crime in its stores. 

Keeping Pace with Crime

With tens of millions of shoppers passing through its doors each year, it’s a fast-paced retail environment that thieves regularly targeted. Farmers wanted to be proactive in its fight against crime, and used Auror to replace a case management software system it had previously built in-house.

Rolled Out to 57 Stores in Two Days

New technology often means an adjustment period as staff get used to new processes - but not with Auror. Its simple and intuitive interface meant that staff got used to the platform right away and loved using it from the first login. Within days they were already preventing crime in stores. 

‍Dave Paton   Regional Prevention Manager 
“The platform is user friendly and the staff love using it. Within a month, we had all stores using the system and reporting incidents. We all know that the success of a new system relies on team member buy-in. They’ve been blown away with Auror.”

‍Vili Mafileo Store Loss Prevention Manager 
“I find Auror is an excellent tool for dealing with repeat offenders because all their history is collated in one profile with what areas they operate in, their behaviour and what products they target. It’s also great to know the Auror Support team has my back if I need help using the platform.”

Connecting the Dots

Auror intel automatically links organised criminal activity for Farmers, like the offender below:

The Way of the Future: Smart Security Technology

‍Michael Hulme   National Prevention Manager
“What we’re really excited about is what’s yet to come. Already we’ve worked with Auror to automate our civil recovery process, saving us thousands of hours and recovering more funds. We’re rolling out License Plate Recognition in the carparks of some high-risk stores, so any time a vehicle comes back that’s linked to a crime in our stores, our team get a real-time alert. Auror means we’re positioned to use new technologies like facial recognition. That’s real crime prevention.”
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